The Westberry Newsletter, Issue 5, April  2017

Time has gone by so quickly that we didn’t realise until very late that we would have been in business at the Westberry Hotel & Restaurant for a whole year year in April.  So in a very short time we managed to organise a party to celebrate this special occasion.  We invited many of the guests who had previously dined in our restaurant and representatives of local organisations and businesses to join us, and on Friday night (7th April) we had nearly 140 people here to join the party.  All had a good time with a great selection of food and a glass of bubbly, and many stayed to take part in the Karaoke and Disco afterward.

For this year’s Easter Sunday we decided to bring back the lunchtime carvery for the day.  We put an advertisement in the Banner’s April edition but unfortunately it was rather late in reaching some people, and with less than a week to go we still had bookings for fewer than a dozen covers.  We wondered if we might have to cancel the event, as running a carvery for so few people would have proved very expensive, but we didn’t want to let down those who had already booked so instead we launched a last-minute publicity campaign with A2 posters outside and on the front door, a rolling display on our bar television, word-of-mouth, flyers and so on.  Success !  Bookings started to come in, and within a couple of days we knew we could cover our costs.  With 24 hours to go we had bookings for almost 60 covers, and in the end we served 70 people, some of whom decided at the very last minute to join us.   Many of those who dined with us on that day said that they were very  impressed with the quality of meat and the skill of the kitchen team who cooked the meats to perfection, so based on this response we are now thinking of ways in which we could bring back the Carvery more frequently but still retaining the regular Sunday Oriental Buffet that is now so popular.  My husband suggested that perhaps we could do the Carvery on the first Sunday of every month, and the Oriental Buffet on the other Sundays.  This seems an interesting possibility, so provided that it doesn’t confuse people too much in practice we will try to introduce the idea in the near future.

I forgot to mention in last month’s newsletter that we had a Chelsea pensioner, Brian Cummings, stay with us at the hotel.  He gave a talk to members of the Bodmin Rotary club and guests (the other gentleman in the picture is Peter Williams, President) which was very well received.  He was a very good speaker and a delightful gentleman with a good sense of humour, and it was a great pleasure to have him as our guest.

Now that summer is creeping up on us so quickly, we have started having guests wanting to dine with us on Sunday evening, so we are planning to open a Sunday evening service next month (May).  Also we are in the process of updating our wine list and I’m pleased to report that we have managed to agree a better deal with our suppliers on some of the more popular wines and so we will be able to pass on the savings to our guests.

That’s it for this month – the garden is looking very tidy now, thanks to our Thai chef Am who is also a keen and very good gardener, so we hope that with the advent of warmer weather and milder evenings we will have the pleasure of being able to serve you outside again before too long.

Lệ Khanh & Simon

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