We have moved!

Not physically, of course -- we are still in Rhind Street, Bodmin -- but in terms of our web address.  Whereas under Carole and Bob the web site used to be "www.westberryhotel.net", we are now using the rather more conventional "www.westberryhotel.com".  You can still find our web site via the old address (at least, for the time being) but you will automatically be transferred to our new one.  If you end up at this page, please just follow the "HOME" link above (left) and you will be taken to our new web site. 

The black-on-bronze hand-painted "W" (top-right on this page, top-left on our new site) is your main clue that you are on the new site; perhaps rather more subtle is the fact that at top-left we have removed the palm tree (sadly cut down before we took over) and added the words "and Restaurant" to emphasise the fact that we regard our restaurant service as being equally important to the fact that we offer hotel accommodation.

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